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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated February 16, 2017
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Managing your team's IT used to mean running your own server and installing Exchange—today it means giving everyone a G Suite or Office 365 account. Sending SMS messages from your app and setting up your own call center used to require massive hardware and staff investments—today, Twilio and other telephone API tools let you roll that out in minutes.

Onfleet is doing the same for starting your own delivery service. Instead of needing to make your own dispatch system and mobile navigation apps for your team, Onfleet lets you focus on building your business while it figures out who should go where—and tells them how to get there. It's the tool that can help you build your own Uber for anything.

It centers on a browser-based command center, where you can see each order for your business plotted on a map. You can add tasks—Onfleet's word for pickups or deliveries—manually, or add them directly from your eCommerce apps, forms, and more with Onfleet integrations and its API. Each task can include notes, perhaps to tell your driver what to expect at the location or to add extra info they need to share with the customer. You can assign a task to a specific driver, or let Onfleet automatically assign it to the next available driver. Using route optimization, Onfleet can keep track of your drivers' schedule and location, the time each dropoff or pickup task should take, and automatically use them to calculate who should go where, when. Need to make complicated deliveries, perhaps picking up an item from a shop before delivering it to a customer? Onfleet's task linking can manage those too, along with your simpler deliveries.

Drivers can manage their own side of Onfleet from its iOS and Android mobile apps, which will tell them where to go next and give them handy access to directions. They can text or call the customer with a private number, to stay in touch without having to use their own personal phone number. Customers can even track the driver online, to see exactly where they are and estimate when the item will arrive. And once they deliver or pickup the item, customers can sign off on the delivery and your team members can add a picture or note about the delivery for proof and to help out with future orders. Onfleet will then give them their next job, as soon as they're ready for it.

Back in your office, you can track your team on a map, make sure everything's getting delivered, and get notified if something goes wrong. You can also track your team's performance, with metrics for each driver and type of order to help you know where to improve your operations.

Starting a delivery service needs more than drivers and cars. It needs a dispatch system that can keep your team in the right place at the right time—and Onfleet can do that without your team needing to invest in building your own apps. All you'll need is to connect it to your existing forms, payment, and store apps, and you can start offering deliver services in an afternoon.

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Onfleet Features

  • Create and manage your own pickup and delivery service
  • See all tasks (pickups and deliveries) in one list with a map overview
  • Sort to see just the tasks you need based on time, date, status, and more
  • Mobile apps to tell drivers where to go next and communicate with them
  • Automatically message your customers about deliveries
  • Get analytics about your team's time, performance, and more
  • iOS and Android apps available

Onfleet Pricing

  • $149/month Starter plan for 1,000 tasks per month
  • $349/month Standard plan for 2,500 tasks per month
  • $799/month Premium plan for 5,000 tasks per month
  • $1,999/month Professional plan for 12,500 tasks per month
  • Annual subscriptions and enterprise plans available

Telephone services, from $0.01275/min for US calls and $0.0065/message for US SMS messages, charged separately. Automatic route optimization costs $0.09 per task. Features vary according to plan. Please visit Onfleet's pricing page for details.

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