Send OneSignal push notifications for new RSS items

Push notifications are a great way to bring users back to your website or mobile app when you have news to share. Link OneSignal's push notification service to a RSS feed to automatically notify your mobile or web push subscribers about new content on your website or blog.

How It Works

  1. You have a new item in a RSS feed
  2. Zapier sends a push notification via OneSignal

What You Need

  • OneSignal account and the OneSignal SDK successfully set up on your website or mobile application
  • RSS feed
Send OneSignal push notifications for new RSS items
RSS by Zapier integration logo

RSS (really simple syndication) is pretty much the industry standard for feed readers. You'll find RSS feeds in almost every app imaginable.

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OneSignal is a simple and smart service that send push notifications across all platforms. OneSignal features reliable delivery of millions of notifications, segmentation and targeting, automated delivery, localization, support for all major app development tools, and real time analytics.

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