Send Pushbullet notifications for New Relic alerts

If your development team or your customers use a variety of devices, Pushbullet and Zapier make a great tool for sending notifications once to all of them whenever there's a New Relic alert or deployment. You'll never have to worry you'll miss out on a new notification.

How It Works

  1. A New Relic alert is generated
  2. Zapier creates a new Pushbullet notification with details of the alert or deployment

What You Need

  • A New Relic account
  • A Pushbullet account
Send Pushbullet notifications for New Relic alerts
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New Relic provides SaaS Application Performance Management for Ruby, PHP, .Net, Java, Python, Node.js, Android, and iOS Apps.

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Pushbullet makes it easy to push notifications to your smartphone and computer from the web. These notifications are smart too: if you receive a notification with a link, tapping on the notification will take you right to it!

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