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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated December 23, 2016

Most CRM tools help you track your existing contacts. You go out, pound pavement, and log each new contact to your CRM. It can then help you remember to follow up, track your successes, and more.

Lime Go goes a step beyond. It actually helps you find businesses that fit your sales profile, tells you the right people in the company to contact, and also tracks how each call went so you'll know when to move on and when to keep trying.

You'll start your day on the Today page, which lists your tasks and meetings for the day along with the updates from your coworkers about their tasks and meetings in the sidebar. You can search for any company, person, or deal from the ubiquitous search bar in the top of Lime Go, or jump into your sales dashboard, or find a deal, campaign, or contact form their menu options. Or, you can just stay on the today page, logging how calls and tasks went right there without having to open another page.

Need to find more people to reach out to? Just select Campaigns, then click New Calling List. There, you can choose criteria like company size, age, and location; its turnover rate, profit margin, or average salary; or its relation to companies you already work with. Lime Go will then find companies that match that description from Sweden, Denmark, or Norway (depending on your account) giving you a list of companies you should reach out to for your next sales push. Select one, and it'll give you contact info for the company itself along with a list of the best people in the company for you to reach out to—and their contact info. You can even reach out via email, using Lime Go's MailChimp integration.

Adding a new deal gives you the same tools. Start typing in a company name, and Lime Go will search for companies with similar names to select it and import its contact info automatically. It'll even let you select your contact at the company from a list of known employees. It's a powerful way to help you keep your focus on sales, instead of spending all your time adding data to your CRM, with a simple, Material Design-style interface.

For now, at least, Lime Go is designed for the Sweden, Denmark, and Norway markets, and you'll need an account for each country's data you wish to use. The app is in Swedish and English, with an extensive directory of Swedish businesses and professionals you can tap for your sales efforts. And it's built by a company with over 25 years of experience in the Swedish CRM market, as a brand new web app with the best features from Lime's traditional desktop CRM software. It's a great tool to help your business expand in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway—and perhaps one day, it'll include the data you need to cold-call potential new leads around the world.

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LIME Go Features

  • A CRM that helps you sell with detailed info on companies and professionals in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway
  • Find similar companies and contact info automatically
  • Create call lists from companies that fit your sales profile
  • Track your meetings, tasks, and call lists together with the Today dashboard
  • Get an overview of the success of your call lists and your deals pipeline
  • iOS app available, along with Windows app for original LIME CRM

LIME Go Pricing

  • 399Kr/month (around $43 USD) per user Monthly plan for full features
  • 329Kr/month (around $35 USD) per user Annual plan for full features

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LIME Go is a smart CRM-system with all Nordic companies and decision makers already included and always kept up to date. LIME Go helps you find and win deals, from first contact to signed contract.

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