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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated October 6, 2016

Behind all of the invoices, quotes, deals, sales, meetings, marketing campaigns, and everything else that drives the bottom line at your company is one thing: people. People are who your marketing is focused on, people you’re working with at other companies, people who make the difference. People are who your CRM should be focused on—something Highrise keeps front-and-center.

Originally developed by the team behind Basecamp and Ruby on Rails, today Highrise is led by Draft developer Nathan Kontny. The core focus on contacts is still there, along with new features to pull emails together into a team inbox and a tool to send bulk emails to your contacts.

The main reason you'd start using Highrise is to manage your contacts together as a team. It's a group address book that includes every detail about that person or company and their relationship to your team. You can list as much contact info as you want, and add custom fields to keep track of things like customer IDs, the person who referred them to your firm, and more. You can then add notes about the person, listing every time you meet with them or saving files they've sent to your company. And if you want to get in touch, just tap the Send an email tab to send them a message directly from Highrise.

You'll then use that contact data to drive your team's sales forward. Highrise helps you manage those with cases, deals, and tasks. Cases let you keep everything about a project or initiative together in one place—so you could perhaps add a case about your Q4 sales goals. Deals then keep everything about a potential deal with a client in one place, something that will help you reach that Q4 goal. And tasks are the individual things you need to do, whether to reach a goal, close a deal, or stay in touch with a contact.

Finding info is easy in Highrise. On the left sidebar, you'll see quick links to the contacts, deals, and cases you've looked at recently. Highrise's homepage will show you a quick overview of activity so you'll know what's going on in your team. And the search bar at the top lets you easily jump to a contact, case, task, or even a tag to find, say, everyone interested in #productX.

You might not even need your email inbox anymore. Instead, you can connect your Gmail account, automatically forward client emails into Highrise, and then manage them as a team from the Good Morning page in Highrise. Highrise treats emails as tasks, so you can check them off or get a reminder to follow up later. And if you're busy, your teammates can jump right into your emails for you.

Or, say you want to send a message to all of your customers—or everyone interested in #productX. Highrise's new bulk email service lets you send an email to everyone with specific info in your CRM, using email templates to keep your messages on brand and stats to measure those bulk email's performance.

The Highrise team says the goal with their app is "to create more meaningful interactions with those around us: with our customers, with our employees, even with our friends." That's something you'll have to do on your own—and Highrise's tools can free you up to do it. With its quick tools to pull up info on contacts, deals, and cases, and ways to manage your team emails together, you'll be able to find the info you need, stay in touch with contacts, and get more done in less time.

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Original Highrise review published 15 September 2014; re-written 6 October 2016 to cover new features and add new screenshots.

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Highrise Features

  • Stay focused on your contacts and interactions
  • Keep notes and details about your contacts, tasks, and deals
  • Get started on the day's work quickly with the Good Morning group inbox
  • Send messages to everyone with the Broadcast bulk email tool
  • Quick search in every page to quickly find anything
  • Forward emails to keep their info connected to contacts
  • iOS app available; Android app coming soon

Highrise Pricing

  • Free for up to 2 users and 250 contacts
  • $24/month Basic plan for up to 6 users, 5,000 contacts, and 10 deals
  • $29/month Solo plan for 1 user, 20k contacts, and unlimited deals
  • $49/month Plus plan for up to 15 users, 20k contacts, and unlimited deals
  • $99/month Premium plan for up to 40 users, 30k contacts, and unlimited deals

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