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Connect Heights Platform to 2,000+ Apps

  • Enroll Heights Platform students from new Google Sheet rows

    Google Sheets + Heights Platform

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  • Add new Heights Platform students to a tag in ConvertKit

    Heights Platform + ConvertKit

  • Enroll Heights Platform students for new product purchases in ThriveCart

    ThriveCart + Heights Platform

  • Send Slack channel messages for new answers in Heights Platform

    Heights Platform + Slack

  • Add Autopilot contacts to lists for new Heights Platform students

    Heights Platform + Autopilot

Heights Platform Integration Details

The following Heights Platform Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantCourse Completed by Student

Triggers when a student completes a course in the program.

InstantNew Student

Triggers when a new student signs up for your program.

InstantStudent Completed

Triggers when a student completes all of the courses in your program. This trigger happens at the same time that we award the student their 100% complete badge.

InstantNew Answer

Triggers when a student submits an answer to an assignment type lesson.

InstantNew Project Post

Triggers when a student submits a new project post.


Enroll Student

Creates a student and enrolls in your program. If student exists for the email provided, they are updated and enrolled. Student will be sent an email with login info. Optionally grant a paid course.

Grant Role

Grants a specific role to your student, to allow them to see courses included in the role.

Revoke Role

Revokes a student's role when provided with the student's current role.

Unenroll Student

Un-enrolls an existing student in your program. If your program enrollment is set to paid, this will prevent the student from accessing your program without paying again.

Revoke Course

Revoke a student's access to a particular course while still allowing them to access the rest of your program.

Connect Heights Platform to 2,000+ Apps