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How to schedule Google Meet calls using Google Forms

Published · April 10, 2020
Justin Pot

Ever wish coworkers and clients could schedule Google Meet calls with you by filling out a form? Here's how to set up Google Forms to do just that.

Google Meet is a video conferencing service that comes with G Suite, and it's easy to set up Meet calls in Google Calendar. There's no native way to schedule these calls using a Google Form, however, which is where Zapier comes in. We can connect Google Forms to thousands of apps, including Google Calendar. You can use this integration to automatically schedule video calls in Google Meet. Here's how.

Note: Google Meet is Google's paid video conferencing service, only offered to paying G Suite users. Google Hangouts is Google's free video conferencing service, offered to free users (basically anyone with an @gmail.com or @googlemail.com email address). Following the steps here works either way: G Suite accounts will create a Google Meet appointment; free Google accounts will create a Google Hangouts appointment. Here's how those services are different.

Step one: set up a Google Form

To get started you need to create a Google Form with all the necessary questions. You will for sure need a name, a date, and the start and end time for the meeting. I recommend also asking for a few notes about what people would like to discuss.

Head to the Responses tab and make sure that your form is exporting to a spreadsheet. Don't skip this step—Zapier can only read Google Forms that are exporting to a spreadsheet.

You're going to need some sample data in order to set things up. I asked my coworkers to contribute, just so I'd have some data to demonstrate with. As you can see, they delivered.

Step two: Connect your form to Google Calendar

Now we need to set up a Zap that can create a detailed Google Calendar event using the information gathered in the form. We offer a template for the job, which helps you get set up quickly.

Click the Use this Zap button below to get started, or click here to start a new Zap from scratch. You'll need to create a Zapier account, if you don't already have one.

  • Generate detailed Google Calendar events for new responses in Google Forms

    Google Forms + Google Calendar

To get started choose Google Forms as your app and New Response in Spreadsheet as your trigger event.

Click Continue. You will be asked to sign in to your Google account, if you haven't already, after which you can choose which Form you want to pull data from.

Click Continue. You will be asked to pull in sample data, and then asked to add an action step. Choose Google Calendar as your app and Create Detailed Event as your Action Event.

Click Continue and we can set up our detailed event.

You then need to map the responses from the form to the calendar event we want to create. Click any text box and you'll see options in a dropdown menu. You can enter text you'd like to have appear in every event, like I did with "Video call:" in the screenshot below. You'll then click on the options from your form that you'd like to see in your event field. In this case, I selected the field that will pull in the name of the person I'm going to meet with.

Make sure all required fields are filled out, including a start and end time.

Ensure that the Add Conferencing option is set to Yes.

Beyond these steps, you can tweak everything until it looks exactly the way you want. Check out our guide to creating detailed Google Calendar events in Zapier if you want more information about the various options.

Click Continue when you're done, and you will be asked to test your Zap. If all went well, you should see a new appointment in your calendar immediately, complete with a video conferencing link.

Check to make sure everything looks like you expect—you can always go back and tweak things if it doesn't.

Make sure you turn on your Zap when everything looks done, by clicking the toggle switch at the bottom of the screen.

You're done! From now on all responses in this Google Form will be turned into Google Calendar appointments with Google Meet video links.

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