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At first glance, Fleep’s core features are perfect as a chat app for just about any business or group. There’s chat, like you’d expect, along with an option to assign tasks to specific people. Once one gets assigned to you, Fleep has a task manager that lets you keep track of the things that you need to accomplish. You can then work on projects in Fleep, uploading files from your computer or just view Dropbox files directly within Fleep. Each conversation has a file drawer so you don’t have to scroll around to find a file you may have sent to someone else a while back.

That’s perfect for working with your team, but what if someone outside—a client, investor, or freelancer—needs to chat as well? That’s where Fleep makes email better. Instead of bouncing back and forth between email and Fleep to message people, you could just use Fleep. When you message someone who is not using Fleep, just add their email address and they get an email with the message you sent them. They can then do one of two things: either join Fleep and continue the conversation there, or they can just send you an email back and you will get their message inside of Fleep. You can then continue to keep messaging with them even though they are using email. This comes in handy when you want to just stick to one application for communication with others.

Another handy way Fleep helps you keep in touch is with Google Hangouts. Not only can you type and send messages to others who don’t use Fleep, but you can also start video and audio calls in Hangouts for free. You also get to use all of the other great features of Hangouts as well, like screen sharing, which can be great for teams that work remotely. This adds another layer to communication with others that you just don’t get in a simple messaging app.

It’s this ability to pull all of your communications into one app that makes Fleep so handy. You can message someone even if they don’t use Fleep, chat with anyone in Google Hangouts, store files in Dropbox, and still all of it together in one app along with your team chats. No more switching apps to chat with others, or trying to setup new accounts for others: Fleep keeps everything together, for a seamless chat, productivity, and calling experience.

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