Log new workouts and current weather conditions in Evernote

Was bad weather to blame for today's suboptimal workout? Did the sunny weather help you achieve your best workout yet? Use this Zap to track your workouts and the weather conditions that may have affected them, then add them to Evernote. That way, you can look back at your workouts and spot patterns or areas of improvement.

How this MapMyFitness-Weather by Zapier-Evernote integration works

  1. A new workout is completed in MapMyFitness
  2. Zapier looks up the current weather in your location
  3. Zapier adds the workout and the weather to an existing Evernote note

Apps involved

  • MapMyFitness
  • Weather by Zapier
  • Evernote
Log new workouts and current weather conditions in Evernote
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Your workout, your device, anywhere, anytime. Plan, track, analyze and share your journey with MapMyFitness.

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