Update Geckoboard numbers from parsed emails

If you receive important perfomance updates via email, you may think it's too complicated to extract the key metrics and have your Geckoboard updated automatically - but that's where you're mistaken! If you set up this advanced integration, Zapier will provide a custom address to which emails can be forwarded. These emails will then be parsed according to the rules you set up here, and the results will be sent to Geckoboard to update your chosen numbers.

Note: This is an advanced Zapier function that relies on previously set up Parser mailboxes. You can sign up for Parser and learn more about how it works on the Parser homepage.

How It Works

  1. A new email is sent to your Parser mailbox
  2. Zapier automation updates a number on Geckoboard

What You Need

  • Email Parser by Zapier account
  • Geckoboard account
Update Geckoboard numbers from parsed emails
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Send emails to your custom @robot.zapier.com address and extract any data! Visit http://parser.zapier.com/ for more information!

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Geckoboard brings all your key data together, in one place. It means you can stop spending time checking services and start monitoring your business in real-time. All of your information is available all the time, at a glance.

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