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You’ll start your experience with Delivra with a demo of the product. The folks at Delivra want to show you around the software and explain how it works—so instead of a standard trial, you’ll be enrolled in Jump Start Training, a 40-45 minutes long training session with other new users to learn how to get the most out of the software. You’ll also get your own trainer for an hour as a point person who gets to know you and your use case before showing you how to succeed with their software. If they can come to your office, they will. They call this Custom Training, and it reflects how unique the Delivra experience is to each user.

Here’s an example: If you’re an agency, you might have hundreds of clients you’re managing email marketing for. This is both expensive and tedious, particularly if your existing solution charges you based on users per account. Delivra doesn’t charge you per user. Instead, they use a flat scale to charge based on how many contacts you have in your system.

As an agency, you can also white label Delivra. You can white label just a little bit, like any other service, or you can white label to an extreme. Using their APIs, you can redesign Delivra’s entire interface to match your organization’s purposes. Not everybody is going to need (or want) to go to such great lengths, but for some organizations, this meets a huge need.

But if your needs are simpler—maybe you’re just like me and you want to use Delivra for your own organization—you can still fine-tune the interface to match your needs.

Delivra’s dashboard is customizable with a series of widgets that show statistics on your recently sent mailings, your most successful campaigns, or even your website’s analytics (using Google Analytics). Just drag-and-drop the widgets you need so you can easily get access to the information you want.

Delivra’s second claim to fame is its Contacts interface. Delivra connects with a huge variety of other services and pulls a ton of data in about each contact in your database. It’s deep enough to make Delivra your main point of operations for your contacts, over-riding even your CRM for its level of detail. You can add custom fields, and use those custom fields later in emails to create segmentation, and even export reports later that filter based on the custom fields pulled in from other services.

Once your contacts are all in place, it’s time to start creating emails. Delivra has one of the deepest email building interfaces I’ve ever seen. If you’re a designer, you’ll love what you’re able to do. You can create grid-based designs of almost any variety, without ever touching any HTML (although if you’re a traditionalist, HTML editing is available to you). If that’s deeper than you care to go, you can also use one of Delivra’s hundreds of templates.

The content of your emails can be customized as well. Using information from your contact’s information fields, you can have each email customized as it hits their inbox. Does one customer like blue and another like purple? You can customize the email based on that. You can go so far as to customize each email based on a reader’s location.

For a lot of use cases, this means that you don’t need to worry about segmentation after the fact. You just have to create one email, with an intuitive drag and drop interface, and send a single email to your contacts.

If you want to segment your audience, though, you’re able to use all the information associated with each contact. So if you have Delivra connected with your sales tools and your CRM, you can pull in all that data and have Delivra automate your audience based on the settings you prescribe.

Finally, you can build fully automated drip campaigns with Delivra just by clicking and dragging. The end result is simple and colourful, and looks like an Omnigraffle-style wireframe. Almost anything can be used as a trigger—including tracking whether somebody has visited your website or clicked on a call to action—and the interface makes it easy to use.

Once you’re done prepping your emails, it’s time to send them out and start collecting the data. Delivra’s reports are easy to read, but incredibly detailed. They have their own scoring system, which grades emails based on their relative success to one another. That lets you quickly find out how successful your campaigns are, relative to others you’ve created.

Most of the different reports include colourful graphs, and all of them can be exported to spreadsheet files that you can take with you. The export feature allows you to filter deep down. For example: You can export a list of people who clicked on a Call to Action button in your drip campaign, but also pull in their phone number in from your CRM, and include it in a column for your sales team to follow up with.

All of this makes Delivra an incredibly in-depth system for everything from the initial setup through to the reports at the end of it. And through it all, Delivra’s one-on-one level of customer service makes sure you know what you’re doing each and every step of the way—no matter what kind of emails you need to send.

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Delivra Pricing

  • from $88/month Standard plan for unlimited emails, list building tools, segmentation, advanced reporting, and a dedicated account representative with 3,000 contacts ($118/mo. for 10k contacts; $235/mo. for 25k contacts; $294/mo. for 50k contacts)

  • from $118/month Professional plan for 500+ integrations, drag and drop automation campaigns, dynamic email content, A/B split testing, and website page visit tracking with 3,000 contacts

  • from $176/month Commerce plan for pre-built e-commerce integration for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, as well as cart recovery and re-marketing, and robust e-commerce automation campaigns with 3,000 contacts

  • High volume pricing available for over 50,000 contacts

Delivra Features

  • Send personlaized emails to your customers automatically

  • Connect to your contact apps and import information to keep everything in one place

  • Segment customers into groups that automatically update as data changes

  • Customize emails in a drag and drop interface, with previews to see how your email looks in different email apps

  • Automate marketing with drag and drop drip campaign workflows

  • Customize and whitelable UI with API

  • Get detailed reports and commerce tracking from your emails

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