Add new CloudCart orders to ShipStation

Want to send your new CloudCart order to ShipStation to print your labels and expedite shipping? This Zapier integration is just what your store needs. Whenever new orders come into your CloudCart store, Zapier will copy the info you need and use it to add a new order to ShipStation.

How this CloudCart-ShipStation integration works

  1. A new order comes into your CloudCart online store
  2. Zapier copies the order and adds it to ShipStation

What You Need

  • CloudCart online store
  • ShipStation account
Add new CloudCart orders to ShipStation
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CloudCart is a professional all-in-one eCommerce platform with everything you need to Sell Online. An easy to use eCommerce platform that lets you start and grow your online business. It comes with free professional mobile optimized themes for high conversion rate.

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ShipStation helps eCommerce retailers organize, process, and fulfill their orders from all the most popular marketplaces and shopping carts using the top shipping carriers.

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