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    The following Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


    InstantNew Contact Completed Sequence

    Triggers when a Contact completes a Sequence without having replied to an email or been marked as Goal Reached.

    InstantNew Contact Reached Sequence Goal Manually

    Triggers when a user marks a Contact as having reached the goal of a Sequence.

    InstantNew Contact Moved to the Next Step

    Triggers when a Contact moves from one step to another in a Sequence.

    InstantNew Contact Reply Detected

    Triggers when a Contact replies to an email sent from a Sequence.

    InstantNew Contact Added to Sequence

    Triggers when a Contact is added to a Sequence.

    InstantNew Sequence Email Sent to Contact

    Triggers when a Sequence action sends an email to a Contact.


    Add Contact to Sequence

    Adds a Contact to a Sequence.

    Create Contact

    Creates a new Contact.

    Pause/Unpause a Contact

    Pause or Unpause a Contact in a Sequence.

    Mark Contact as Goal Reached

    Mark a contact as having reached a goal of a Sequence. This effectively prevents further communication from Bluetick to the Contact in this Sequence by changing the status to Completed.

    Set Custom Field

    Adds or updates a Custom Field on an existing Contact.


    Find Contact

    Finds a Contact by either the Contact Id or an Email Address associated with the Contact.

    Find or Create Contact

    Find or Create Contact

    Connect to 2,000+ Apps