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Create BigML predictions from Google Forms responses

  1. When this happensStep 1: New Response in Spreadsheet

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Create Prediction

When someone fills out your Google Forms form or survey, create a BigML prediction using that data. For example, if you send your customers a survey about their food preferences, you can use a BigML model to predict the likeliness they might buy a given product. The BigML model would be created by collecting your data about previous customers' food preferences and whether they bought that product.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't include a ready-made BigML model to use for your predictions. You can build the model using the BigML Dashboard using your available data.

How this Google Forms-BigML integration works

  1. Your customer completes the Google Forms survey
  2. Zapier creates a BigML prediction with the customer responses using the model of your choosing

Apps involved

  • Google Forms
  • BigML
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Connect BigML + Google Forms in Minutes

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