Add MapMyFitness workouts to Beeminder

Are you using Beeminder to stay accountable for your workouts? You'll never forget to log your activity after setting up this Zapier integration. Every time you complete a workout in MapMyFitness, Zapier will automatically add that workout to Beeminder. You'll stay on track with your fitness goals without breaking a sweat.

How this MapMyFitness-Beeminder integration works

  1. A workout is completed in MapMyFitness
  2. Zapier adds this workout to Beeminder

Apps involved

  • MapMyFitness
  • Beeminder
Add MapMyFitness workouts to Beeminder
MapMyFitness integration logo

Your workout, your device, anywhere, anytime. Plan, track, analyze and share your journey with MapMyFitness.

Beeminder integration logo

Beeminder is a goal-tracking tool with teeth. Use Zapier to send Beeminder data and let Beeminder plot your progress on a Yellow Brick Road to your goal. Keep all your datapoints on the road and Beeminder will always be free. Go off the road and you (literally) pay the price.

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