Add new Autopilot list contacts to an Upcall campaign

Integrate human-powered calling with Upcall as part of your customer journey in Autopilot. Rather than manually exporting each CSV contact file to your Upcall campaign, use Zapier to build your contact list automatically. Once you set up this Autopilot-Upcall integration, all new contacts on your list will be individually added as new contacts in the selected Upcall campaign, saving you time and offering a superior customer experience with cross channel touchpoints.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't import existing contacts, it will only add newly added contacts on an Autopilot list to an Upcall campaign.

How this Autopilot-Upcall integration works

  1. A new contact is added to an Autopilot contact list
  2. Zapier adds that new contact to an Upcall campaign as a contact

Apps involved

  • Autopilot
  • Upcall
Add new Autopilot list contacts to an Upcall campaign
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Autopilot is visual marketing software for automating customer journeys, to help companies acquire and nurture leads through email, web, SMS and direct mail.

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Upcall provides phone callers on demand. Import phone numbers and our professional callers will make sales and marketing calls for you.

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