POST new Appointlet bookings to webhook

Looking for a way to feed your webhook pipeline with the business on Appointlet? Try this Zap for some handy automation. Once active, any new booking created on Appointlet will trigger the Zap, making a webhook POST with all the data you need to keep your workflow flowing automatically and reliably from then on.

How It Works

  1. A new booking is created on Appointlet
  2. Zapier automatically makes a POST to a webhook URL

What You Need

  • Appointlet account
POST new Appointlet bookings to webhook
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Appointlet is an appointment scheduler built on top of Google Calendar. Enable your clients to book appointments with you right from your website.

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Webhooks simply POST data (or JSON) to a specific URL every time we see something new. Webhooks can also accept data (or JSON) to kick off a workflow in Zapier.

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