How This Realtor Saves Four Hours a Week Through Automation

Stephanie Donily
Stephanie Donily / Published September 24, 2018

“When I realized I could make everything automatic, I knew I could get my time back and do the activities that matter the most.”Matt Castillo, residential realtor at Keller Williams

Thinking about moving? Matt Castillo. a residential realtor, loves helping people find new places to call “home.” Matt works with Keller Williams Realty, one of the world’s largest real estate brokerages that employs more than 150,000 associates around the world.

“Real estate transactions are one of the biggest financial decisions of your life,” said Matt. “Clients need someone they can trust who’ll work hard for them, and they need someone who can think outside the box.”

Matt’s schedule requires him to be a multitasker who’s constantly on the move, whether he’s walking through homes with potential buyers, creating a marketing plan for sellers who’ve listed their home, or working with other agents on home offers.

Matt's Tools at Keller Williams

Icon: App: Used For:
FB Lead Ads Facebook Lead Ads Lead generation
LionDesk CRM LionDesk CRM Customer relationship management (CRM)
RealScout RealScout Listing alert platform

Instantly Move Facebook Leads to LionDesk

Potential homebuyers (or leads) come to Matt through Facebook Lead Ads, and responding quickly is critical for realtors. “If you can’t make contact within the first five minutes of receiving a lead, then you’re toast,” Matt says.

Matt turned to app automation tool Zapier to funnel his leads to other apps such as LionDesk CRM, a customer relationship management (CRM) system for realtors.

“Before Zapier, I was forced to manually check Facebook Lead Ads multiple times per day to see if any new leads came through,” Matt explains. “Then, I’d type in all the pieces of information on each lead I collected through Facebook into other systems.” Not an ideal use of time for a realtor juggling multiple contacts.

By eliminating this time-intensive process, Matt can now focus on the things that inspired him to become a realtor in the first place: helping his clients.

Automatically Share MLS Listings Through RealScout

To help drive funnel conversion, Matt set up a Zap, or automated process, to instantly share MLS listings from RealScout with leads that come in through Facebook. By simply selecting custom categories such as price range or neighborhood, Matt’s Zap finds and shares relevant MLS listings of future homes with potential buyers.

Once Matt understood the power of automating his workflows and processes, he dramatically reduced the time spent checking leads. Instead, his time goes where it matters most: showing clients their new home.

Want to convert more leads in less time? Give Zapier a try for free.

All images courtesy of Keller Williams.

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