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The art of automation: How Digioh automated its sales and onboarding with Zapier

By Hannah Herman · April 18, 2022
Digioh CEO Rishi Shah at his desk, smiling

If you've shopped online in the last five years, you've probably taken a quiz to help you find the right item. Chances are one of those quizzes was powered by Digioh, a tool that runs eCommerce quizzes for thousands of businesses around the world.

"Our product enables businesses to ask a series of really rapid-fire questions and then recommend a product to a customer," says Rishi Shah, Digioh's founder and CEO.  

But Digioh is more than just one product. It's a holistic platform that helps eCommerce businesses find and convert more leads. And before they could help their customers scale, Rishi knew they'd have to figure out how to scale themselves.

Automation was a given

As a tech industry CEO, Rishi knew from the very beginning that automation would be the backbone of Digioh.

"It was a given that we would need automation. No one at Digioh is going to be manually updating spreadsheets. It was just out of the question," he recalls. 

Rishi's team chose Zapier early on—about 10 years ago—and as Digioh has grown, the automation platform has grown with them. 

"When I first saw Zapier, I thought it was magical," he remembers. "Back then, it only supported about 100 apps. Now there are thousands of integrations and tools like Delay and multi-step Zaps, and it's even more useful." 

High-volume, high-touch sales—without the stress

While Digioh has grown its customer base over the last 10 years, its team has remained lean, with only 15 employees. And Rishi isn't just Digioh's CEO—he also leads the company's sales activities. 

In the beginning, he would email new prospects back manually every time someone reached out. But that process didn't scale well as the company grew—after all, Rishi can only send so many emails in a day.

Now, the process of triaging new sales leads is almost entirely automated.

"When a prospect fills out a form on our website, it goes directly into a spreadsheet, a dedicated Help Scout mailbox, and our Calendly," explains Rishi. 

From there, the lead is routed to the right sales rep based on several criteria. And that, to Rishi, is a priceless improvement over him emailing every single lead. 

"Zapier allows us to be extremely flexible and build automated workflows that match how our sales cycle runs," he says. "We've been able to evolve past just me emailing everyone."

This automated workflow doesn't just streamline the company's sales process, though. It also makes attribution easier and helps them spend their advertising budget more effectively. 

"The beauty of this workflow is that it's also recording UTM parameters and the Google Click ID if the lead came to us through a digital ad," Rishi says. "In that same spreadsheet, we have reporting built in so we can understand where our ad dollars are going."

Seamless customer onboarding

The Digioh experience doesn't end with closing the deal.

As soon as a deal closes, Zapier creates a new customer profile in Help Scout and adds key information from a Google Form, like the customer's name, contact info, and the plan they're signed up for. 

"From there, the Zap notifies the right team member about the new customer," explains Rishi. 

"It also triggers a welcome email to the customer from our email marketing tool, Campaign Monitor. And then it also assigns a Help Scout ticket to the right implementation manager, who'll schedule an onboarding call and help that customer get set up with our product." 

During this automated onboarding workflow, Zapier also updates the sales spreadsheet Rishi mentioned earlier. 

"Our signup form has quite a few fields, and Zapier pushes those form responses into the sheet so we can understand which marketing channel they came through," he notes. "The Zap also updates our revenue dashboards for every new signup, which lets us better understand our sales process and metrics."

This streamlined process isn't just a win for the Digioh team—it's also a win for Digioh customers, who have a seamless first experience with the tool.

A lean eCommerce machine

Digioh's small team and growing customer base make automation even more crucial today than when the company was founded. Employees need to be empowered to spend time on the work that truly makes a difference. 

"We only have one person on our marketing team," Rishi shares. "They create all our content. They run all our advertising. They do all of our SEO. They're amazing, but it means that they don't have time to do, say, manual data entry." 

"It's all about being really efficient with our company," he says. "If Zapier didn't exist—and it's hard to imagine a world without it—we'd probably have to hire someone to code integrations," he says. "Or maybe that work would fall onto someone in the company who knows how to code, or maybe we would be stuck with out-of-the-box apps that offer limited integrations and workflows." 

The flexibility that Zapier brings, he says, is irreplaceable. 

"Zapier gives us unlimited flexibility and creativity. With Zapier, you're like an artist with a blank canvas. I don't know what we'd do without it."

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