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How to Embed Calendly in WordPress

There's no Calendly WordPress plugin, but the embed code works

By Justin Pot · June 6, 2019
embed-calendly-wordpress primary img

Calendly makes it easy for customers to schedule appointments with you, which is exactly the kind of functionality that's nice to have on a website. So here's how to embed Calendly in WordPress.

There's no Calendly for WordPress plugin, meaning you'll have to do the embedding yourself. The good news: It's not hard.

Note: these steps will only work in self-hosted WordPress sites. If your website is hosted by WordPress.com, sorry: All you can do is link to Calendly.

Find Your Calendly Embed Code

To get started, head to the Event Types in Calendly, then click the gear icon for the event you'd like to embed.

Calendly gear icon

A dropdown menu will appear. Click Add to Website.

Calendly Add to Website

You'll see three options.

Calendarly embed options

These each work a little differently. Inline Embed allows you to embed the form itself on any page.

Calendly inline embed

Popup Widget puts a floating blue box in the corner. This follows the reader as they scroll.

Calendly popup widget

When someone clicks the box, they will see a pop-up Calendly embed, without leaving your website.

Calendly popup in WordPress

The last option, Popup Text, looks like a regular link. When readers click that link, they'll see the pop-up embed shown above, without leaving your website.

Choose which of these three options you want, then click Continue.

Calendly embed options

You now have the embed code.

Calendly WordPress embed

Keep this tab open, or copy the code somewhere so you don't lose it.

Embed Calendly into Any WordPress Page or Post

You can embed Calendly into any individual page or post on your WordPress site. To get started, add a new block to your page.

WordPress new block

Select Custom HTML as your block type.

WordPress Custom HTML

Paste the embed code in this block.

Calendly embed code in WordPress

Preview the page, and you'll see your Calendly embed in WordPress.

Calendly embedded in WordPress

If everything looks just right, go ahead and save your changes. If not, consider switching the kind of embed you're using.

Make a Calendly WordPress Widget

Want Calendly to show up on every page on your website? There's no official Calendly WordPress plugin, but you can embed the HTML as a widget.

Open your WordPress dashboard, and head to Appearance > Widgets. Drag the Custom HTML to whichever widget area you prefer.

WordPress Custom HTML widget

Paste your embed code in the Content box. You can also give the widget a title, but this is optional.

Calendly widget in WordPress

Calendly will now show up on every page of your WordPress site. How well this works will depend on the size of the widget area and which embed type you use, so experiment a little until you get it just right.

Want more Calendly tips and tutorials? Check out our Calendly overview, where you can learn how to integrate Calendly with thousands of other apps. Or learn about the best WordPress booking plugins.

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