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6 ways to automate Copy.ai with Zapier

By Elena Alston · November 22, 2023
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Whether you're a writer or a marketer, a customer support rep or a project manager, one of the trickiest things about starting new projects is just that—getting started. 

As a writer, I know that well. Procrastination often rears its ugly head, particularly when I'm trying to think up new blog ideas, and a blank page stares right back. 

This is exactly where AI tools like Copy.ai can come in handy. From producing first drafts to generating a list of new blog ideas based on a prompt, they can help you overcome that trouble-getting-started phase. 

But that's not all. When you pair Copy.ai with Zapier, you can do everything from creating and scheduling email newsletters to analyzing dozens of customer feedback forms—all thanks to automation. Here are six ways anyone can benefit from connecting Copy.ai with Zapier. 

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To get started with a Zap template—what we call our pre-made workflows—just click on the button. It only takes a few minutes to set up. You can read more about setting up Zaps here.

Generate blog ideas and publish posts

Ever struggle to keep your editorial calendar alive with good ideas? Whether you're looking to pitch new blog post topics or need help with a new angle, you can use AI and automation to generate fresh ideas based on a certain prompt—then store them in a Google Doc or share them with your team via Slack. 

Add AI-generated blog ideas to a Google Doc

Add AI-generated blog ideas to a Google Doc
  • Copy.ai logo
  • Google Docs logo
Copy.ai + Google Docs

In addition, you can also use these Zaps to automatically write a blog post from scratch or based on a brief in your project management tool, then add them straight to your site (or elsewhere) to review or publish.  

Create social media posts and email newsletters

The rule for writing effective social media posts? Keep the copy short and snappy—and post on a regular basis. 

That's easier said than done. Fortunately, you can get a head start with AI then use automation to add those posts straight to your social media pages. Automating those steps can help your whole team focus on what's important: delighting your audience.  

Those same rules also apply to crafting and sending email newsletters to your audience. With these handy Zaps, you can schedule, create, and send weekly newsletters—automatically. 

Classify and add context to customer support tickets

Although Copy.ai excels at what its title implies, it can also carry out other tasks, such as creating instructions for common problems or providing a step-by-step solution to a specific problem. 

This can come massively in handy when solving customer support issues. 

For example, let's say someone logs a ticket in a tool like Zendesk or asks a question in Intercom. You can use these workflows to send that information straight to Copy.ai. Then, Copy.ai can draft a response, add context, or provide instructions to solve the issue. 

Finally, these Zaps will add that information back to Zendesk or Intercom with that information. 

Enrich lead information and generate personalized content 

When it comes to converting leads, any sales team worth their salt knows that time—and personalization—is essential. 

Only there's nothing easy about trying to convert dozens of leads to a tight deadline. That's where Copy.ai comes in, thanks to its ability to access lead information (like a lead's LinkedIn profile) within its workflows. 

With these Zaps, you can access a lead's profile in Salesforce or Hubspot, then Copy.ai will enrich the information by adding extra details or by creating a personalized message based on info pulled from the internet. Finally, Zapier will update that lead's profile in your CRM so your sales team can reach out right away. 

However, even after you initially reach out to a lead and conduct a sales call, a prospect might not be ready to convert. Instead of remembering to jot down details of that call manually into your CRM, you can instead use automation and AI to transcribe sales calls, summarize them, then add those details to a lead in your CRM. That way, your sales team has the most up-to-date information at their fingertips moving forward. 

Transcribe new Zoom recordings with AssemblyAI, summarize with Copy.ai, and update HubSpot deals

Transcribe new Zoom recordings with AssemblyAI, summarize with Copy.ai, and update HubSpot deals
  • Zoom logo
  • HubSpot logo
Zoom + AssemblyAI + Copy.ai + 1 more

Analyze customer feedback

What your customers think is pretty important to your business. Customer feedback can often help you see where you're going right—and where improvements can be made. 

After all, new product ideas that come from experienced users can give your product teams valuable insights and help them prioritize their roadmap. But analyzing hundreds of forms and reviews manually can be a massive task. Fortunately, you can use Copy.ai to assess and categorize feedback based on a positive or negative sentiment. That way, you can easily assess large amounts of feedback in a short amount of time. 

Enhance your personal productivity 

When it comes to personal productivity and managing your calendar events, Copy.ai can also save you time. 

From summarizing long articles on the web to enriching your calendar events with extra details about attendees, and even adding extra context to vague briefs in your project management tool, here are a few ways these Zaps can act as your own personal assistant:

Do more in less time with Copy.ai and Zapier

Copy.ai makes it easy to generate quality content at the drop of a hat—eliminating the tedious aspects of brainstorming and writing first drafts. But with a little creativity and in combination with Zapier, you can turn it into a handy assistant that can do even more for you. 

From enhancing your productivity to helping you solve customer issues, you'll find more time back in your day to focus on the work that matters most. And this is just the start of what you can do with Copy.ai and Zapier. What will you automate first?

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