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Articles that mention "Airtable"

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Hero image with the logos of the best free project management software

The best free project management software in 2022

Everyone has a different way of managing projects. Some people like to use their inbox to keep track of tasks, while others prefer to visualize work on a Kanban board or in a calendar view.

By Kiera Abbamonte

11 min read

Yongjoon Kim in the Cottage office.

How Cottage designs homes with automation

To keep their team lean and to enable nimble experimentation, Cottage leverages no-code automation. 

By Elena Alston

4 min read

A hero image for Airtable app tips with the Airtable logo on a red background

4 tips for learning your way around Airtable

Starting a new job is overwhelming. So is learning new software. It's a good thing no one expects you to do both things at once.

By Justin Pot

4 min read

Hero image for automation inspiration with the Airtable logo connected by dots to the logos of Google Sheets, Wordpress, and Google Contacts

7 ways to automate Airtable

If you love Airtable but hate entering data, Zapier can help you track information from other apps automatically.

By Krystina Martinez

3 min read

Trello bullet journal

How to design a digital bullet journal

Trello is my favorite (heart eyes for art and stickers), but you can make your digital bullet journal on a whole variety of apps, depending on how your brain works.

By Jessica Sillers

6 min read

Mogul Millennial header image

How Mogul Millennial uses automation to streamline communication

Discover how this media-tech platform uses automation to communicate effectively with their writers and audience.

By Ellie Huizenga

3 min read

A vehicle with a Halo advertising unit on the top.

By Janine Anderson

4 min read

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