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Designed as a tool to manage subscriptions, Zoho Subscriptions doesn't actually process payments itself. For that, you'll use one of its supported payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe for credit card payments, as well as Authorize.net which also supports ACH payments. Or, you can accept cash and check payments, and log them towards your customers' subscriptions right inside Zoho Subscriptions.

Managing a wide variety of products with different subscriptions is simple thanks to Zoho Subscriptions' email app-style 3 column layout. Add your products, then add subscriptions, add-ons, and coupon codes for each one. You can then tap a product name in the center column, and see an overview of its subscriptions and extras at a glance. Each subscription plan includes simple settings for its price, billing period, trial, setup fee, and tax. There's even an Account setting, to link payments from this plan to their appropriate slot in your Zoho Books account. And if you need to separate your products into different organizations—perhaps for a company with many smaller companies under its umbrella—you can even switch organizations inside Zoho Subscriptions for a clean slate for each set of products.

All other settings fall under your core account settings, so you can tweak how your emails and templates look and have the changes apply to all of your subscriptions under each organization. With a number of built-in invoice and credit note styles, you can quickly tweak colors, typefaces, and page layout to get a template that first your branding. Then, you can select a specific one for each product under that product's settings. You can do the same for emails, picking which messages are sent to your customers automatically and how they look, and can also customize your hosted pages to sell your subscriptions in the way you want on Zoho's pages or with embeds in your site. And if you want to accept international currencies, you can set your own exchange rate for consistent pricing on your subscriptions.

Zoho offers tools for almost every part of your business—and your subscriptions are no exception. With Zoho Subscriptions, you can quickly start selling your products in subscriptions, without having to worry about any of the billing complexities they can bring.

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