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Matthew Guay
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Last updated October 12, 2017

Surveys don't have to take that long to run. Sometimes inspiration strikes and you'd love to know what your audience thinks about your idea—and clicking through a dozen options to make a survey is the last thing you want to do. You'd rather just get answers, stat.

SurveyNuts is the fastest way to get them. It's a simpler survey tool, without all the pre-written survey questions and extra features you'll find in many other survey apps. Instead, you'll find an app that helps you quickly build surveys—even without signing up for a SurveyNuts account.

Just go to and scroll down to the Give a title to your survey field. Enter a name there, then start adding survey questions. You can choose from poll, open question (for a plain text answer), message (to write a text or HTML message for those filling out your survey to read), pic choices (to let people choose from a picture instead of text), file upload (so respondents can send you a file), numbers, or matrix options. Fill in the options on the question type you want, then scroll down and select the question type you want in the next question box and repeat the process. Need more questions? Just click the Add Question box to add more. You can also click the Add cover page link near the top of the survey to add a formatted message to the top of your survey.

As you fill things out, you'll see your finished survey in a preview on the right column. Once everything looks good, enter your email at the bottom of the page to continue. You'll then need to pick from one of 11 built-in themes for your survey. Click Continue again, and your survey will be ready to share with a link from SurveyNuts' dashboard. You can share the link, embed it into your site, or print out a printable version with the formatting stripped away to make the survey work well on paper.

Then it's time to watch your survey results come in. Click the Results tab to see a quick list of your survey responses, showed in graphs on top of your survey questions. The Voters tab includes more info, with the IP address of every respondent to help you weed out duplicate results and see how your responses vary by location. Or, the Export tab lets you get your survey results in a spreadsheet file—or using SurveyNuts integrations, you can connect your survey to your favorite apps and put the data to work automatically.

All that works without even making a SurveyNuts account. When you first make your survey, SurveyNuts will email you with account info—and you can sign in from that link and set your own password. Then, you can also upgrade your account for extra features including self-grading quizzes and logic jumps in your survey that can show different questions based on previous answers.

The best reason to choose SurveyNuts, though, is how quick it makes survey building. Just open its site, type in a few questions, and seconds later you have a survey link to share. It's one of the fastest ways to get feedback from your audience.

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SurveyNuts Features

  • Quickly create surveys for free right from SurveyNuts' landing page
  • Customize your survey with built-in themes
  • Include picture polls for more interactive surveys
  • Use branching logic to show different followup questions depending on preceding answers
  • Export results in spreadsheet formats

SurveyNuts Pricing

  • Free for 10 questions per survey and unlimited respondents, with ads on the survey conclusion page
  • $19/month Pro plan for unlimited survey questions and respondents, Excel exports of survey results, branching logic, and white labeling

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SurveyNuts is an online survey software. Create surveys, forms and quizzes quickly, share them and analyze the responses.