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Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie GonzagaLast updated October 5, 2017

Contracts, proposals, and other documents have long kept our paper shredders busy because of how inefficient acquiring a person’s signature was. In most cases, you need to print, sign, scan, and email (or fax) the document back. It’s a tedious process that wastes time and adds to one’s carbon footprint.

To save on resources, companies use e-signature software like SignNow—formerly CudaSign—to get legally-binding signatures from customers, partners, and employees. You can upload documents directly to your account and invite recipients to sign right away. And with the SignNow mobile apps, your customers or employees can access and sign their documents anytime, enabling you to process faster.

With multiple departments processing documents everyday, you’ll want to segregate these files to keep things organized. SignNow lets you create teams to represent the different departments within your organization, be it Sales, Human Resources, or Purchasing. More importantly, you can share or restrict access to team documents. Simply click on your avatar at the top-right side of the screen and click ”View Teams.“ You’ll find a blue ”Create New Team“ button to create new teams for your account.

Once your teams are set up, it’s time to bring the paperwork in. You can manually upload your documents using SignNow’s ”Upload Document“ button or hook up third-party apps like Dropbox or Typeform via SignNow’s Zapier integrations to automatically request signatures or upload documents to SignNow. Either way, your documents are listed and accessible under your Documents folder.

Clicking on the More button brings down a menu of options when working with your document. For instance, you can open, download, invite to sign, or view the document’s activity history. When cleaning up old signed documents, you’ll find the option to merge, archive, or delete documents too. Of all these options, the Make Template option is what will save you when you need multiple copies of the same document. You can create master documents from which you can generate copies repetitively. Templates are then moved to the Templates folder for quick and easy access.

Opening a document lets you add different fields so that your signees can input their data easily. Under the Request sidebar menu, you can add text, date/time, checkboxes, initials, and signature fields to your document with the option to expand or shorten the text field. Clicking on the text field lets you change its settings where you can specify if the field is required, its label, the role of the signee, and pre-filled text. Different signees are displayed in different colors to avoid confusion, saving you plenty of time from recreating documents due to mistakes.

Under Edit & Sign are options to sign documents within SignNow as well. You can add your signature, text, today’s date, and check marks within the document. When editing your signature, SignNow lets you create signatures through typing, drawing, or uploading an image file of your signature. Any signature uploaded and used in SignNow is legally valid, so feel free to choose the option that’s most convenient for you. When finished, click on the blue Done button to save your changes and return to your Documents folder.

The final step is to deliver the document and acquire the necessary signatures. Under the More menu, click on Invite to Sign to invite the required signees to access and sign the document. If you’ve specified two or more roles, they will be listed in the Invite window to ensure that your signees sign the right fields. You can add a custom note or specify the number of days till the document expires under Advanced Signer Settings before hitting Send Invite.

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SignNow Features

  • Upload documents and invite others to sign with a unique e-signature.

    • Create template documents for business workflows
    • Create teams to organize your documents and restrict access to team-specific files
    • Custom branding personalizes your account and every document sent
    • iOS and Android apps available

SignNow Pricing

  • $7/month per user Business plan for unlimited templates and documents, full audit trail, and kiosk mode

    • $20/month per user Business Premium plan for everything in Business plus document groups, signing links, and custom branding
    • Enterprise pricing available for full access to SignNow’s features

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