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Start out by making a Pushover account and installing its apps. You'll get a 7 day free trial with each to give you time to get started. On your computer, just open client.pushover.net in your browser, and enable notifications when your browser asks.

You can then use Pushover's simplest feature: sending notifications between your own devices. Click the phone icon in Pushover's top left corner, then choose your phone and send a message to it. Seconds later, your phone will buzz with that info. That's a handy way to copy and paste text between devices without having to send yourself an email.

Speaking of email, that's another way to send a Pushover message. On your Pushover dashboard, you'll see a notification email address. Send a new email to that address, and you'll get the message as a Pushover notification. You could then add that address to other apps, so their email notifications would come into Pushover.

Or, you can use Pushover's apps and plugins to get notifications from your favorite apps. There's a plugin for Adium to get chat message notifications, one for eBay to watch prices, a WordPress and Drupal add-on to get notifications from your website, and more. Or, you can use Pushover's Zapier integrations to connect with over 600+ apps that work with Zapier, and get customized notifications from each one. You can then add filters in Zapier to watch for specific keywords, so you'll only get the notifications that are most important.

Once you've got all of your favorite apps connected to Pushover, you might find Pushover's notifications are overwhelming, too. For that, open your Quiet Hours settings in Pushover. There, you can set times when you don't want notifications—and you can choose to either have a notification without sound, or to only have the notification saved inside the app without any alert.

With that done, it's time to turn off the notifications you don't want. Just open the notification settings on your computer or phone, and turn off notifications from every app you've connected to Pushover. You might even want to turn off other apps' notifications if you don't really need their notifications—something that especially applies to games.

Then, you're done. Pushover will notify you whenever something happens in one of your connected apps, unless it's a Quiet Hour in which case it'll save the notification for later. If you miss anything, no worries: just open Pushover and scroll back to see what's happened. You'll never have to worry about missing a buzz from your phone again.

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