Push notes from Pushbullet with new StatusCake alerts

Looking for a reliable notification system to catch those StatusCake alerts? We've got you covered with this StatusCake Pushbullet integration. It will watch for any new alert on StatusCake once you set it up, automatically pushing out a note via Pushbullet with all of its information.

How It Works

  1. A new alert is created on StatusCake
  2. Zapier automation pushes a note from Pushbullet

What You Need

  • StatusCake account
  • Pushbullet account
Push notes from Pushbullet with new StatusCake alerts
StatusCake integration logo

StatusCake checks your website for uptime and performance

Pushbullet integration logo

Pushbullet makes it easy to push notifications to your smartphone and computer from the web. These notifications are smart too: if you receive a notification with a link, tapping on the notification will take you right to it!

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