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Add new tracks to a Spotify playlist from a Google Chrome Extension

  1. When this happensStep 1: New Push With Fields

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Find Track

  3. Then do thisStep 3: Add Track to Playlist

Listening to the same songs over and over is boring, but when you sit down to build a playlist suddenly your mind goes blank. Skip the frustration and add the track to Spotify straight from your browser by entering the song name when inspiration strikes. Use the Zapier Chrome extension and this automation to turn "I love that song!" into "I have that song!".

How this Push by Zapier-Spotify integration works

  1. You input the song title and artist into the Push by Zapier Chrome extension
  2. Zapier searches Spotify for the track and adds it to a playlist

Apps involved

Try It

Connect Push by Zapier + Spotify in Minutes

It's easy to connect Push by Zapier + Spotify and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

All Triggers & Actions

InstantNew Push

Triggers when you push the button for this Zap in the Zapier Chrome Extension and receives the active tab's title and URL.

Add Track to Playlist

Adds a track to one of your playlists.

Save Track

Save a track to "Your Music" library.

Get Audio Features for a Track

Gets the audio features (duration, tempo, etc.) for a track.

InstantNew Push With Fields

Triggers when you push the button for this Zap in the Zapier Chrome Extension, and fill out some form fields to send along with the active tab's title and URL.

Create Playlist

Creates a new playlist.

Find Track

Look up a track by title/artist or by entering a track ID.

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