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How to Get Started With Push by Zapier

To get started with Push by Zapier, create a new Zap and select the Push by Zapier app. Then, you can choose the type of Push you'd like to use in your workflow.

Push by Zapier supports two different triggers:

  • New Push - Triggers when you push the button for this Zap in the Zapier Chrome Extension and receives the active tab's title and URL.
  • New Push With Fields - Triggers when you push the button for this Zap in the Zapier Chrome Extension, and fill out some form fields to send along with the active tab's title and URL.

Then, add extra steps to your Zap to do anything else you'd like, with as many steps as your workflow requires.

Once that's done, go to the Zapier extension page in the Google Chrome Web Store. Click the blue Add to Chrome button to install the extension.

Now, whenever you want to run your Zap, click the Zapier button and select the Zap you want to run, and Push by Zapier will trigger your workflow.

Use Zapier with Amazon Dash

Want to use a real button to trigger your Zapier workflow? You can do that with an Amazon Dash, along with a Node-powered app on your computer. Here's how.

First, you'll need an Amazon Dash button that hasn't been connected to an Amazon checkout workflow. Set it up with the Amazon Dash app on your phone, but don't select a product to purchase with the Dash.

Then, use the instructions for the Node Dash Button to find your Dash button's MAC address. You'll then need to create a Webhooks by Zapier Zap—instead of a Push by Zapier Zap—to watch for notifications from your Dash button.

Copy the Dash button's MAC address and the Webhooks URL from Zapier, and paste them into the config.json file from the Dash Node app, and run the app on your computer.

Finally, add the remaining steps to your Zap and turn it on, and every time you press the Dash button your Zapier workflow will run.

Or, you could use a button from Flic or bttn to trigger workflows without any extra tool.

Common Problems with Push

Support for Other Browser

Currently, Push by Zapier is only a Chrome extension but drop us an email for your vote on other browsers and we can keep you posted!

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