When this happens...
PipefyCard Done
Then do this...
NiboCreate a Credit

Looking for an easy way to integrate your sales funnel with your financial management tool? Using this simple Pipefy-Nibo integration, when your Pipefy card is done in a sales funnel, Zapier will automatically create Nibo credits in your organization. This integration will greatly reduce operational errors and bring a lot of agility to your sales process.

How this Pipefy-Nibo integration works

  1. A card is done on a pipe in Pipefy
  2. Zapier creates Nibo credits in your organization

Apps involved

  • Pipefy
  • Nibo

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It's easy to connect Pipefy + Nibo and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
Card Expired

Triggers when a card expires on a pipe.

Create a Credit

Create a receipt.

Card Late

Triggers when a card gets late on a pipe.

Create a Debit

Create a payment.

New Card

Triggers when a new card is created on a pipe.

Create Card

Create a card on a pipe.

Card Moved

Triggers when a card is moved on a given pipe.

Delete Card

Delete an existing Card.

Card Overdue

Triggers when a card gets overdue on a pipe.

Create Category

Create a category.

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Nibo is a simple but powerful financial management app for SMEs. Among other things, it allows the integration of accounting file.

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