Add new Runkeeper activities to MapMyFitness

If your training buddies use one fitness tracking app, but you prefer another, it can be frustrating to see everyone's progress at a glance. With this Zapier integration, you can share training data no matter your preference. After you set it up, new Runkeeper activities will be added as MapMyFitness workouts. That way, everyone can keep using the app they like best, without losing out on the camaraderie of group fitness data.

How this Runkeeper-MapMyFitness integration works

  1. A new activity is logged in Runkeeper
  2. Zapier adds that activity to MapMyFitness as a workout

Apps involved

  • Runkeeper
  • MapMyFitness
Add new Runkeeper activities to MapMyFitness
Runkeeper integration logo

Runkeeper lets you track your runs and walks from your mobile device and share the activity with your friends, helping you stick to fitness goals with plans and an encouraging community.

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Your workout, your device, anywhere, anytime. Plan, track, analyze and share your journey with MapMyFitness.

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