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Joomag’s key strength lies in being able to centralize everything involved in the publishing process. Beyond just helping you ship your publication, it also helps with creative, marketing and administrative tasks, so you can focus on growing your publication. You can manage your subscribers, send mass emails about upcoming issues, collect subscription fees, and optimize your content for all devices. At the end of the day, you’ll know everything about how your publication is performing, who your subscribers are, and how they interact with your content—far more than you’d know with traditional publishing.

When creating your first publication, Joomag lets you choose one out of three options: upload an existing PDF file, create from a template, or create from scratch using the Crater™ Online Editor. Think Adobe InDesign toned down for anyone looking to create their first issue on a blank canvas. You can insert text, audio, video, images, shapes, and even hyperlinks so your readers enjoy the full reading experience.

If you’d like to bring things up a notch, Joomag lets you add photo galleries and feedback forms for a more interactive experience. Crater can be overwhelming for those new to digital publishing though, so you’ll want to check out Joomag’s library of courses for help. Once you’ve finished, click Save and hit the blue Go Live button to publish your first issue.

There are several distribution options available after your issue goes live. You can choose to embed to your website or distribute through Joomag’s Newsstand, an online catalog of publications spanning a wide variety of topics, from art to science and technology. You can then optimize your content for different devices thanks to Joomag’s iOS and Android apps. Finally, you can share your content across your social media channels by either sharing a direct link or auto-sharing to your connected Twitter and Facebook accounts. In fact, Facebook users get special treatment thanks to Joomag’s Facebook mini-viewer where they can view your publication without needing to leave their activity feeds.

While Joomag is all about digital publishing, it doesn’t disregard print as an option for readers to enjoy your work. You can give your audience the option to print pages of your issue on demand or to order a printed copy of your issue from Joomag’s website. After setting the price per copy, Joomag takes care of printing your issues for your customers. Sales from print and digital copies are always tracked so you know which source is performing the best.

Digital publishing enables writers and creators to share their work without the painful costs of distribution. Platforms like Joomag take away all that guesswork by simplifying the publication process, so you can focus on sharing your best work with the world.

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