FraudLabs Pro
When this happens...
Magento 2.XNew Order
Then do this...
FraudLabs ProScreen Order

Getting new orders on your eCommerce site is exciting but it's always a good idea to check for fraudulent payments. With this Zapier integration, you can perform fraud screening for new Magento 2.x orders using FraudLabs Pro.

How this Magento 2.X-FraudLabs Pro work

  1. A new order is created on your Magento 2.X platform.
  2. The order parameters are passed to FraudLabs Pro for screening.

Apps involved

  • Magento 2.X
  • FraudLabs Pro

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When this happens...
then do this!
New Customer

Triggers when a new customer is created.

Screen Order

Screens an order.

New Order

Triggers when a new order is created (with line item support).

Create Customer

Create a new customer

New Product

Triggers when a new product is created.

Create Sales Order Invoice

Create a new sales order invoice

New Sales Order Invoice

Triggers when a new sales order invoice is created (with line item support).

Create Category

Create a new category

New Sales Order Credit Memo

Triggers when a new sales order creditmemo is created.

Create Product

Create a new catalog product

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FraudLabs Pro helps merchants to protect their online stores from payment frauds.

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