Send Esendex SMS messages for new Magento 2.X products

Keep track of new product additions to your online store by sending alerts by text message to key stakeholders or specified contacts. Use this Zapier integration between Magento 2.X and Esendex to sends texts with details of new product information when new products are added to your Magento 2.X store. Instead of checking your store's inventory repeatedly, you can more efficiently use your time.

How this Magento2.X-Esendex integration works

  1. A new product is registered in your Magento 2.X inventory
  2. Zapier sends an Esendex SMS to a specified contact or phone number with the product details

Apps involved

  • Magento 2.X
  • Esendex
Send Esendex SMS messages for new Magento 2.X products
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Magento 2.X is the premier open source e-commerce app used by millions of customers each and every day.

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Esendex offer reliable SMS, Web and Voice tools for secure business communication.

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