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It starts out with Envoy's web app, where you'll add your location details. You can manage multiple locations—perhaps one for your headquarters, another for a satellite office, and one you spin up for a short time during a conference or event. Each includes details about your location, with personalization options including a background photo slideshow and color along with your logo.

Then, you'll add a login form via Envoy's sign-in flows. Make one for each visitor type, with the info you'd need for each. Say you need a way for testers to sign in and test your product. You'd make an applicant visitor type, and include any form fields you need—email, name, and plain text fields where they could perhaps add a comment. Then, include a Host field—that will let them pick who invited them to come test your product, and will notify that person that the visitor is here. Add an NDA doc, and Envoy will get them to sign it on screen before proceeding. It can then take their picture, and send it to your badge printer automatically. You can then start that over for every other visitor type—perhaps a delivery person visitor only needs to enter their company name and the person who ordered the product, say.

Now, when anyone visits your office, they'll sign in using that same flow that you set up, from the iPad on your front desk. Envoy takes care of everything else, and tracks exactly when they signed in so you can keep a list of who's visited your office. And, with Envoy integrations, you can save the info they add to your forms to your favorite apps to email visitors a thank you message, followup with them about their experience later, share the documents they signed, and more.

Creating an event, or inviting someone to your office for a specific meeting? Envoy's pre-registration lets you invite people and pre-fill in their info before they come. That way, when they come to your office, they can have the Envoy app on their phone and sign in with a tap—and your security team can have a list that shows who's supposed to come in today.

Visitor tracking doesn't have to be just a list of names on a clipboard. Envoy modernizes the visitor sign in process, making it easy to track everyone who comes to your company, notify the right people, and still keep things as hassle-free as possible for your visitors.

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