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DPD gives you everything you need to sell your digital products: eBooks, music, videos, software, designs, and more. And if you want to up-sale with products and merchandise, or offer your products as a subscription (say with weekly downloads for your new episodes, or ongoing updates to your software), DPD can handle that, too.

It's designed with the features you need to successfully market your digital products. App and eBook stores tend to include DRM to help prevent piracy—DPD includes similar tools to protect your products. With PDF eBooks, DPD can add a watermark with the customer's name, email, and other info you want—and you can customize where the watermark is included and how it looks. It can also encrypt PDFs, if you'd like, to prevent printing and copying content. If you're selling software, DPD can assign product license keys from a list you've added, send a single shared key, or generate a code from your site's URL with POST fields that let you generate keys with customer's info. It even includes features to track when users actually download your files, to prove that the product was delivered and help prevent chargebacks from your payment provider.

No matter what product you're selling, DPD can host it. You'll get file storage with your account, and can upload any file type to sell—or import them via FTP. You'll also be able to list product images and descriptions, add a license agreement, or upsale other products at checkout. You can bundle products together, and bulk-edit listings to quickly update your pricing or delete old products.

Then, you can focus on your store itself. DPD lets you customize your store's theme, to create a full site for your digital product store. Your site will list your products by default on the front page, with individual pages for each product along with your checkout, info, and other default store pages. DPD includes a default theme, or you can customize the HTML and CSS to make your store look like you want. You can also add a custom email theme for your customer notifications and invoices, along with an email for product updates for an easy way to share new versions of your book or software.

You'll still need to manage your customers and make sure they've received their products. DPD keeps a list of all of your sales, and you can search through them, view each purchase, and see if the product has been delivered. DPD even includes a map of the customer's location, and a list of how many times they downloaded the product. It's the sales details you need for a digital product store.

When you want more than an App or eBook store offers, and want to sell your own digital products with a customized site, DPD is a simple way to get your items online. It'll give you your own store, while still taking care of the business aspects so you can focus on making great products for your users.

DPD Resources:

  • Test out the DPD demo to see how its checkout process and subscriber management system works without signing up for an account.

  • Get help getting started with the DPD Knowledge Base and tutorial videos.

  • Still trying to decide how to sell your products? Check our guide to the 7 Best Ways to Sell Stuff Online for an overview of the best options.

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DPD Pricing

  • $10/month for 1GB of storage and 20 products

  • $16/month for 1.5GB of storage and 30 products

  • $30/month for 6GB of storage and 120 products

  • Custom plans with the space and products needed available

DPD Features

  • Create a customized store for your digital products, subscriptions, and more

  • Encrypt PDFs and generate license codes for customers

  • Track product delivery with customer location and download count

  • Bundle products together to upsell

  • Send product updates to customers

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