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By selecting a loop, you can add even more information to the listing. Upload PDF files and interactive forms to act as tenancy agreements and contracts; add clients, vendors, sellers, and other relevant persons to the loop; and create tasks to keep track of progress. Once you've uploaded a form, you can share it ready for signing by a relevant party. If your PDF doesn't have any editable fields, Dotloop will allow you to define as many as you want using their web-based PDF editor.

Click the Unassigned button alongside a task to assign it to a specific person, whether they are members of your team, subcontractors, or even yourself. These tasks will appear in the Tasks area of Dotloop's dashboard, where you can easily view tasks assigned to you, see any overdue tasks, and create personal tasks that serve as reminders to yourself.

Maintain a database of contacts that you can assign to your loops in the People area. Click on Add a Person to fill out personal information as well as that person's role within (or outside of) your organization. This makes it easy to quickly assign the same people to different loops you have created. You can add your own templates in the Templates area. This is particularly handy for adding frequently used documents to loops, particularly tenancy agreements for tenants to return and sign.

Since Dotloop is designed to work with a team of people, you can catch up on changes via the Activity Log link in your dashboard, which displays actions like loops created, loop status changes, task creation, and more. Click on Notifications to see notifications relevant to you, like new task assignments.

Dotloop has mobile apps for iOS and Android available. These allow professionals to create loops, collaborate with others, create tasks, share documents, and even add signatures in person using their smartphones.

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