Add new Livestorm registrations to

Are you managing webinar registrations with Livestorm, and looking for a way to send new registrations as tracked events in This Zapier integration is for you. Send each registrant's information in the form of a event so you can send event-triggered messages, or organize your registrants in segments.

Note: If you're using to manage your marketing funnel activities, you should use email (lower case) as customer_id

How this integration works

  1. A new registrant is created in Livestorm
  2. Zapier sends a new Event in

Apps involved

  • Livestorm
Add new Livestorm registrations to
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Livestorm is a modern webinar software that lets you organize and host frictionless webinars across multiple platforms without any download. It also provides powerful analytics and integrations with marketing tools. integration logo

With you can send email, SMS, and push based on what people do or don't do in your app.

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