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To start building your content bank, the Curated bookmarklet helps you save links that fit the theme and subject matter of your digest. As your collection grows, you will have plenty of useful content to select and import for each issue you create. You can then add your own voice by writing your thoughts underneath each link, as well as adding images or video for emphasis. The goal is to have a well-balanced collection of curated content to share in each issue, something Curated makes this extremely easy to pull together.

Of course, your digest wouldn’t be of use if readers can’t subscribe to it. Curated gives you a customizable sign up page and a link to share on social media, email, and other avenues online.

The best part of using Curated is how seamless it is to design and organize your content. Curated takes the guesswork out of designing your publication, ensuring that your content is presented in a clean and beautiful manner without the headaches of playing with CSS/HTML. All you have to do then is focus on creating—or discovering—quality content to share with your audience.

The fun happens when you’ve gathered enough statistics to see how your digest is performing. In the Subscribers section of your account, you have an overview of how many subscribers you’ve gained each month, where your subscribers are from, and subscribe/unsubscribe rates. You can also manage your subscribers list with import/export tools, or manually add subscribers to your list. Under Statistics, you’ll have a clear overview of your newsletter’s performance, such as open and click rates, email bounce rates, and more. At the end of the day, you have a clear grasp at how your emails are doing, and what you can improve to boost your current performance further.

Sponsorships are a great way to monetize your newsletter and gain support for the work that you do. It’s every curator’s dream to have a good queue of sponsorships, and luckily Curated has it all figured out. It takes care of the core aspects of the sponsorship acquisition process, giving you plenty of time to focus on managing and curating content. With the sponsorship calendar built into the app, you can easily add a sponsor to each issue planned for that specific day. Payments, however, must be handled outside of Curated. Once you receive payment, you can then edit the sponsored link in the sponsorship system and tick the ”Paid“ checkbox.

Whether you have an existing email list or wish to start from scratch, Curated gives you the confidence to create a beautiful publication people will want to open and read. As your audience grows, you may just attract a couple of sponsorships to turn what was once a side project into a steady stream of income sharing content you enjoy.

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Curated Pricing

  • $25/month for up to 500 subscribers

    • $39/month for up to 2.5k subscribers

    • $69/month for up to 5k subscribers

    • $129/month for up to 10k subscribers

Each plan includes every Curated feature

Curated Features

  • Quickly gather links to interesting content using the Curated bookmarklet

    • Email content directly to your Curated account

    • Glance at your stream of links and effortlessly add pieces that would assemble each issue

    • Powerful yet straightforward analytics gives you a clear overview of how your publication is performing

    • Take sponsorship inquiries and schedule paid sponsorships with the built-in sponsorship calendar

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