Add new contacts to Zoho CRM as leads

Save time and increase productivity by using high converting online forms from to catch more leads from your website and send them to Zoho CRM as leads.

Note: ZoHo CRM requires the company field to be filled in. So make sure your form has a "Company" field and make sure the company field is marked as a required field. If you dont know how to add fields or mark fields as required in check out the documentation.

How It Works

  1. You have a new contact in
  2. Zapier sends that as a lead to Zoho CRM

What You Need

  • Account
  • ZoHoCRM account
Add new contacts to Zoho CRM as leads integration logo increases the amount of website visitors that become contacts by using behavioral triggers, helps you start the conversation with those visitors with a basic CRM, tells you where your leads come from and what they do in your website.

Zoho CRM integration logo

Zoho makes it easy to get the complete picture of your sales cycle and stay on top of your business opportunities. Never lose another lead again.

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