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ChatWork is a team chat app that helps solve this problem with conversation-style chat and a built-in to-do list. You'll still have the same conversations, only this time you can turn actionable ideas into tasks in a click—tasks that will stay right in your chat view until you check them off.

It starts out as most chat apps, with a list of your contacts and conversations on the left side, and your core chat in the center of the screen. ChatWork lets you chat with anyone, so you can add in your colleagues and suppliers from other companies, or use ChatWork to chat with your clients and customers if you want. You'll do that in one-to-one chats or group conversations, with options to limit who's in each conversation.

Either way, you'll get the same core features. You can chat just as normal, or can address your message directly to a specific user with the To box. The smiley box gives you some quick animated emoji-style icons to brighten up your chat, while the checkbox at the right lets you choose whether to press enter to send messages—or not. Then, hover over chat messages for more options. You'll see tools to edit your own messages, or to quote and reply directly to anyone else's message. The latter options will add forum-style quotes to your chat message, where you can add your comment underneath to make it obvious what you're replying to—a perfect way to followup on ideas later on.

Or, you can turn a message into a task and assign it to yourself or anyone else on the team. Just tap the Task icon when hovering over a chat message, and it'll be copied to the new task box on the right side of your screen with a due date for today. You can also add your own new tasks with any text you'd like—and give it the due date you want. Either way, you'll see the tasks in the inbox at the top of your screen, and in a task pane on your left sidebar where you can filter tasks by the conversation they were created in. And when you open the task, you can see the surrounding conversation—a great way to remind yourself about what was discussed and what needs done in this task.

Sometimes chat isn't enough, and you'd solve the problem more easily with a quick call or video chat. ChatWork includes tools for that as well. Just tap the camera icon in the chat box to choose from an audio or video chat to call one person or create a group video call with paid plans. Those conversations will be noted in your chat log as well, so you can easily reference the call and perhaps add notes for later reference.

Whether you just need a simple way to chat with your team, or want an easy way to turn conversations into completed work, ChatWork includes the tools to make your chat work. You can stay in touch with your team, remember to followup on your projects, and jump on a call when you're pressed for time—all from one app.

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