Post today's weather forecast to a Blink chat

Never be caught without an umbrella when it rains again! Set up this automation, and Zapier will check your local forecast every morning (based on your Zapier account timezone settings) and post a weather report in a Blink chat come rain or shine.

Note: You'll need to enter your Latitude and longitude of the area you want to check to configure this automation—you can use

How this Weather By Zapier-Blink integration works

  1. At 7 a.m. local time, Zapier checks the local forecast
  2. Zapier posts the day's weather to the Blink chat of your choice

Apps involved

  • Blink account
Post today's weather forecast to a Blink chat
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Trigger off weather conditions in your local area. (Powered by Dark Sky)

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Blink is a workplace messaging platform that uses bots, apps and messaging to simplify work.

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