When this happens...
DetectifyNew Scan Started
Then do this...
46elksSend SMS

Your support staff can prepare to tackle issues with notifications for new security scans on your website. Set up this Zapier integration and, whenever a new scan is started on Detectify, Zapier will send SMS message through 46elks with all the details directly to your support team, or anyone else who needs to know. Never get caught unprepared again!

How this Detectify-46elks integration works

  1. Detectify discovers a new critical finding on your website
  2. Zapier sends out an SMS message through 46elks

Apps involved

  • Detectify
  • 46elks

Why Zapier?


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It's easy to connect 46elks + Detectify and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
Incoming SMS

Triggers when an SMS is received by a specific number from your 46elks account.

Send SMS

Sends a SMS to the specified phone numbers.

New High Risk Finding

Triggers when there is a new high risk finding.

Make Phone Call

Connects two numbers to each other.

Scan Finished

Triggers when a scan finishes.

New Medium Risk Finding

Triggers when there is a new medium finding.

Account Data Change

Triggers when your account data changes. May be used to check if your account balance, name or email have changed.

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Send and receive SMS from custom sender IDs.

Detectify continuously analyzes your web application from a hacker’s perspective and reports back to you with security issues and descriptive reports. We monitor your security, so that you can focus on building great products.

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