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Send QuickConnect SMS messages before 10to8 Online Booking appointments

  1. When this happensStep 1: Time Before/After Appointment

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Send Message

Make sure your customers are aware of their upcoming appointments to reduce the risk of them not showing up! This Zapier integration automates the process by sending an SMS message via QuickConnect when an appointment is 24 hours away in 10to8 Online Booking. That way, you don't have to type out personal appointment reminders or make individual calls to each customer.

How this 10to8 Online Booking-QuickConnect integration works

  1. A booking is 24 hours away in 10to8 Online Booking
  2. Zapier sends an SMS reminder through QuickConnect

Apps involved

  • 10to8 Online Booking
  • OneLocal QuickConnect
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Connect 10to8 Online Booking + OneLocal QuickConnect in Minutes

It's easy to connect 10to8 Online Booking + OneLocal QuickConnect and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

All Triggers & Actions

New Appointment Is Booked

Triggers when a new appointment (with a customer) is scheduled – either when you book it yourself in your 10to8 diary, or when a customer requests the booking on your booking page.

Time Before/After Appointment

Triggers a certain time before or after an appointment with a customer starts. .

New Message Sent by 10to8

Triggers when an automated or a personal message is sent by the business to a customer by SMS or Email.

Add Conversation Tag

Add a conversation tag to a conversation

Send Message

Sends a new message to a chosen recipient.

New Cancellation

Triggers when an appointment has been cancelled - either when the customer has requested it and you've accepted, or you have cancelled it outright.

New Customer

Triggers when a new customer is added on your organisation – either when you add the record on your diary, or when the customer requests a booking with you online.

Assign Conversation

Assign a conversation to an employee.

Remove Conversation Tag

Remove a conversation tag from a conversation

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