Meet the Zapier Team - Introducing Systems Engineer, James Carr

James Carr
James Carr / Published May 7, 2013

I would be a little surprised if you told me last year I'd be working with Bryan, Mike and Wade at the company they launched at Startup Weekend 2011. Yet my past four months with Zapier have been a great experience thus far and has made me realize the startup environment is where I get the most satisfaction. Plus, it's always refreshing to work with individuals who have the same mindset and philosophies about software development.

For a quick intro, I'm Columbia, Mo.-based and run a local software development usergroup that I founded and organize. I've spent most of my career in the enterprise Java world dealing with message oriented architecture and other enterprisey things while hacking on cool side projects in my spare time. When I'm not busy hacking away at awesome things at Zapier I'm usually spending time with my wife and daughter.

James Carr

So what have I been doing thus far? A little bit of everything; API integrations, developer platform improvements, infrastructure automation and support. You might occasionally see me active on support as I find helping end users out tends to be the best way to drive feature prioritization. You'll also be seeing a bit more engineering related posts from me, so stay tuned!

You can follow me on GitHub and
Twitter. I also maintain a blog at

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