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Yac: App of the day

App of the day

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Yac: App of the day

By Elena Alston · December 15, 2020
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In any remote job, balancing between taking video meetings and working in a silo is a tough tightrope to walk. We've all been there: Your schedule is slammed with back-to-back video calls, and then you only have a sliver of time left for yourself to get actual work done. 

You need to communicate to be productive, that's just the way it goes. But as you marvel over the loss of your day (which has seemingly been sucked into a sinkhole of meetings), you might find yourself asking: Does every little update, objection, or new brief need to take place over a call? 

Enter: Yac. Yac is an audio-first messenger for remote teams. This platform allows you to shoot short-form voice messages to your teammates, so you can stay in sync without working in fits and starts between meetings or coordinating a half-dozen schedules across as many time zones. 

That means no more dropping time in everybody's jam-packed calendars, no awkward video lagging, and no more trying to subtly fix your hair on camera. (We see you.) 

In short, Yac lets you eliminate the bulk of unnecessary video meetings with voice messages.  

For humans, that’s good news. Because we’ve been listening a lot longer than we’ve been reading, there’s something natural about tuning into information aurally. (This, in part, explains the explosive growth of podcasts in the past decade.) 

With Yac, you can send team members voice messages, search for items with searchable transcripts, and share what you're working on via video recordings. You can also talk and draw over your screen with Yac's annotation feature. (A handy tool for slinging shares back and forth to get fast feedback.)

Receiving information this way also means you can play back the same information more than once and assimilate the info better. And, when it’s time for you to respond, you can just press record, say your piece, and hit send. Read receipts will let you know once the message's been heard so you're never in the dark waiting. 

Yac is a new way to collaborate asynchronously, meaning you can get back to the work that matters most—and still connect with your teammates in a meaningful way. Exchanging information doesn't have to be a massive production the way emails or video calls are. (Besides, it's not always easy to locate the right GIF to capture your mood.)

You can automate your team chat with Zapier's Yac integrations. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started:

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Elena Alston

Elena Alston is a content specialist at Zapier based in London. She's a big advocate of automation and loves making it more accessible to people via storytelling.

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