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Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / Published August 19, 2013

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: I'm really excited to welcome Danny Schreiber, of Silicon Prairie News fame, to the Zapier team. I first "met" Danny two years ago when I approached him about helping cover the Columbia, Missouri startup scene for SPN. That actually never happened, because I ended up starting Zapier instead. But Danny did become the first person from the tech press to ever cover Zapier.

Over the course of the last two years I've gotten to know Danny quite well. Any time he'd cover Zapier he'd go out of his way to find a real story rather than typical fluff that seeps into the main stream tech press. So I'm ecstatic that Danny is now going to be joining the Zapier team on a full time basis. You'll see Danny a lot on the blog and helping build out resources that will help Zapier fans automate more of their work and life. Without further ado, I'll let him introduce himself.

Danny entering stage right…

“Long time reader, first time emailer.”

Those are the words that opened the first email exchange between Zapier co-founder Wade Foster and myself. But they weren’t to pitch a product or provide feedback, they were to offer help to Silicon Prairie News, a young media company I work for covering startups in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. “I'd be more than happy to help you start covering some of the companies, events, and people we have in (Columbia, Mo.),” Wade wrote.

That email came September 7. Less than a month later, Wade teamed up with Bryan and Mike to launch Zapier at Startup Weekend Columbia. And it wasn't long before I had the privilege to write about Zapier as it made a jump from Columbia to California to participate in Y Combinator. (Months before, I like to brag, I put it on my list of “10 Silicon Prairie startups to watch in 2012”.)

So in June when Wade tweeted the position of content marketer at Zapier, it was me who reached out this time to say “let me write for you.” I had my sights set on making a career move to a software startup, and the opportunity was perfect—Zapier has a team, product and mission that get me very excited.

I’ll officially join Zapier tomorrow. Since this is a remote position I’m grateful that I’ll get to remain in a startup community I’ve now been a part of for five years. That community is the Silicon Prairie and it’s full of incredible entrepreneurs, ambitious startups and amazing supporters. Of course, it’s also home to three of Zapier’s seven team members as Cooksey and James are based in Columbia.

My new role will carry some of the same responsibilities as my position as SPN’s managing editor. I’ll still be telling the stories of startups and business owners, but this time it’ll often be those impacted by the product Zapier offers. I’ll still be sharing knowledge, but now it’ll be focused on business best practices, process tips and lessons learned. And I’ll still be a part of building a community, but now it’ll be a global one.

To follow along with what Zapier (and myself) are up to, I encourage you to subscribe to this blog (you can do that at top right of the page - ah first thing to fix!). And if you’ve arrived here because you knew me as the first employee of Silicon Prairie News, “welcome!” I know you’ll love the product Zapier puts out just as much as what we created at SPN.

Thanks to those of you who supported me in my past role—I expect that I’ll be seeing you around the Silicon Prairie and beyond. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to talk startups, Zapier or just say “hello.” You can reach me at danny@zapier.com or find me on Twitter, @dannyaway.

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