Welcoming Platform Engineer Regan Starr

Regan Starr
Regan Starr / March 17, 2017

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO:
I've known Regan for 3 years now. Regan originally applied to Zapier in 2014 and impressed me with his meticulous approach to solving problems. At the time we needed something else, so unfortunately we didn't get to work with him. Regan later started a Zapier tutorials site and continued to impress by helping Zapier as part of the community. Regan's efforts outside of Zapier became so great that it was insane for us not to have him on the team. So Regan joined Zapier and has been a fantastic teammate since the day he joined. I'm thrilled to get to work with Regan at Zapier.

Hi, I’m Regan Starr! (That's me on the far left with Zapier teammates on a rock climbing excursion during our recent company retreat in Texas.)

I joined Zapier back in April 2016 as a Customer Champion and moved to the Platform Engineering team in December 2016.

How I discovered Zapier

I first heard about Zapier several years ago. I loved their product and felt like they were going to make a huge impact in how people integrated apps. When Zapier released multi-step Zaps, that was the tipping point for me. I knew that I wanted to work for them more than any other company. I started finding ways to help Zapier, even though I wasn’t an employee yet. Specifically, I made a tutorial website to teach people how to be successful with Zapier. After about 3 months of consistent effort, I was fortunate enough to get hired.

What I’m currently doing at Zapier

  • Building App Improvements - Most of the app integrations on Zapier are managed by the software companies who created those apps. However, the biggest, most popular apps on Zapier are usually managed by us. If one of these “in-house” apps has a lot of demand for a new Trigger or Action, my team will build it.
  • Building New Apps - Occasionally, we partner with major software companies that want to be on Zapier, but would like us to manage the integration. My team handles these situations as well.
  • Improving our Developer Platform - The overall goal is to make it as easy as possible for software companies to add and manage their app’s integration with Zapier.

I’ve also become one of our many unofficial Zapier Musicians. I always bring a guitar to our company retreats, which has resulted in some great jam session sing-alongs.

After working at Zapier for a bit, I wanted to find a way to show appreciation for all my wonderful colleagues. Since music has always been my go to medium, I decided to record a song whenever someone had a birthday.

This eventually turned into a kind of arms race for musical instruments. At one point, a teammate commented half-jokingly, “I request the next Regan song to be done on a harp.” (Scroll down to see how that turned out.)

Birthday Video Highlights


Biking on a Zapier retreat



Since Zapier is constantly hiring new and amazing people, recording a song for every birthday soon became unsustainable. So now, I record songs to celebrate major Zapier milestones. For example…

Zapier Team Accounts

What I do outside of Zapier

In addition to playing music, one of my recent interests is traveling, which is made possible by the fact that Zapier is a remote company. I also love any type of competitive activity like pick-up sports (ultimate frisbee, soccer, hockey) or board games (especially anything brought to a Zapier retreat).

Photo of Alex Minchin

“Zapier is the extra team member at our agency linking our systems together and managing the push and pull of data.”

Alex Minchin, Managing Partner at Zest

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