Welcoming Engineers Kishore Nallan, Simon Charette, and David Brownman

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / Published October 21, 2016

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Today, please join us in welcoming our newest members to Zapier's engineering team: Kishore Nallan, Simon Charette, and David Brownman, who all bring their own unique experience and expertise to their roles. I'll introduce each of them below, and they'll share more about themselves with you in their own words.

Kishore Nallan

One of the challenges all infrastructure teams face is that sometimes servers have problems. And sometimes they have problems in the middle of the night. We're excited to welcome Kishore to Zapier because he's got fantastic experience managing AWS infrastructure, and he can help us keep Zapier running smoothly during the Pacific/Asia workday while most of the folks in the USA are asleep. Welcome Kishore!

Kishore Nallan

Hello, I’m Kishore, and I’m excited to join the DevOps team at Zapier.

I live in Chennai, a hot coastal city in India and home to the world’s second longest beach :)

I'm a back-end engineer who loves working on hard problems at scale and exploring new programming paradigms. In the past, I’ve built complex data crunching systems and managed large clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

How I got here

Like many of my colleagues here, I first learned about Zapier while I was looking for a way to automate the flow of data between different web applications. Being a huge fan of remote work, I was intrigued by how Zapier ticks–after all, there are not that many companies that work across 10+ time zones. When an opportunity came up on the DevOps team, I was super excited to take on the challenge of scaling Zapier.

At Zapier

My work at Zapier cuts across infrastructure, operations, and application software boundaries.

I primarily work on improving the reliability and availability of systems that power Zapier–in other words, making sure that your Zaps are always working for you. I also help build tools that increase developer productivity and give greater visibility into the functioning of our systems.

The coolest thing about being part of a distributed team is that there is always someone awake during their daytime to look into critical infrastructure issues.

Beyond Zapier

I love reading and traveling. These days, though, you will find me largely spending time with my 6-month old daughter :)

Simon Charette

At Zapier, we're always looking out for smart people to work with. When we found out we might have a chance to work with Simon, we were thrilled. Simon brings a breadth of experience to Zapier as a Django core developer and as an entrepreneur working on email marketing apps. Welcome Simon!

Simon Charette

I'm Simon Charette and I recently joined Zapier as a product engineer. I'll be working on shipping exciting new features and restructuring the innards of our code base from my hometown, Montréal.

For the past four years, I've been working on building an email marketing platform specially designed for companies that have to comply with the Canadian anti-spam legislation introduced in 2014.

Early in the platform design process we decided to use the Django web framework to build our backend. Little did I know at this point I would be regularly contributing code, supporting users, and getting to travel around the world to be part of the incredible community revolving around the project in the following years.

During these years I stumbled upon Zapier when looking for an existing platform to connect our tool with one of our customer's CRM. Having designed most of the API endpoints on our platform, myself I was delighted by how easy it was to expose most of our features using Zapier's developer platform.

It took me only an afternoon to figure everything out and turn my first Zap on. I was so impressed by how easy it was to keep track of the status of the Zap through the task history and the through the detailed error logs. Gone was the time we had to maintain third-party integration code linking our service to others.

Fast forward two years later: I discover Zapier had an engineer opening. While scanning the position description, I noticed Python and Django as part of their stack. Given my past experience with the tool and the interest in using Django to push the product forward I didn't think for a long time before applying.

When I'm not sitting in front a screen pushing buttons, I'm either taking part in a Ultimate Frisbee tournament, hiking, biking or bouldering on the east coast.

David Brownman

David comes to Zapier by way of our partnership with SalesforceIQ. We're thrilled to have David working on apps at Zapier after learning about all the tools and effort he put in place to improve the SalesforceIQ integration with Zapier. Many of you Zapier users will get to benefit from David's work improving apps at Zapier. Plus, I'm excited to have another Zapier teammate hanging out with us here in the Bay Area. Welcome David!

David Brownman
David's the one in the Zapier shirt

Hey there, I'm David! After an extensive job search, I'm excited to announce I've joined Zapier as a Partner API Engineer. It's been a long road, so let's look at how I got here.

Before Zapier

After growing up in Boulder, CO and graduating from the University of Michigan (go blue!), I joined a plucky CRM startup in Silicon Valley called RelateIQ. I was the one-man-army known as the "Internal Tools team." My purpose? To enable success through improvement and automation of team workflows. Over time (and an acquisition/name change), my duties grew and expanded to some work on the public API (of which I was a frequent consumer). Among these new tasks was the maintenance of the SalesforceIQ app integration for Zapier.

When I was handed the project, I was aware of Zapier but hadn't dug into it before; that didn't last long. A month later, I had practically memorized the developer docs, and it took just a few weeks to launch triggers for SalesforceIQ, one of the most requested features. Throughout the process, I was consistently impressed with the power and flexibility of the platform.

When the time came to move on, I saw that Zapier had an opening and leapt at the opportunity. They were the first company I applied to for my most recent job search, and I can already tell that I made the right choice.

At Zapier

I joined Zapier as the newest Partner API Engineer. Practically speaking, this means I'll be adding new apps, features to existing apps, and expanding the developer platform. Additionally, much like everyone else at Zapier, I'll be helping with support tickets. With any luck, I'll be able to help you automate something soon!

Lastly, and more than anything else, I'm excited to return to my roots by being at a startup. Going forward, I'll be pitching in to make sure our team continues to be the very best it can be.


I live in sunny Menlo Park, CA with my two monitors, my bonsai tree, and a buddy from college. I enjoy board games, keeping lists, and unnecessarily complicated automation. When I'm not at home, I can usually be found in any number of American cities (Chicago, Seattle, and Tahoe being some of my favorites).

Until next time!

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