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Welcoming Marketing Team Members Kim Kadiyala, Ashley Hockney, Adam DuVander, and Asad Zulfahri

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / December 2, 2016

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Today, please join us in welcoming our newest members to Zapier's marketing team: Kim Kadiyala, Ashley Hockney, Adam DuVander, and Asad Zulfahri. I'll introduce each of them below, and they'll share more about themselves and their roles at Zapier with you in their own words.

One of the most exciting opportunities I've had at Zapier is having smart people join Zapier full time. I had worked with Kim for several months when she was a freelancer, and she always impressed me with her attention to detail and knack for storytelling. I'm excited she's going to be doing that full time at Zapier!

Kim Kadiyala, Marketing Specialist

Kim Kadiyala

Hey there! I’m Kim, and I’m so thrilled to join the Zapier team as a Marketing Specialist. I’m a South Florida transplant, by way of Wisconsin, Chicago, Boston, the Cayman Islands, and the UK (whew!). My background is in digital strategy and most recently I worked at a startup studio, where we helped non-technical founders take their ideas from zero to version one.

I was introduced to Zapier in 2014 while working for a startup accelerator. With everyone in a timeboxed pressure cooker on the path to Demo Day, nearly every team was zapping data from one place to another to speed up workflows and do more, faster. I was totally amazed and hooked on the magic of automation–and the seemingly superhuman amounts of work I could accomplish because of it.

It didn’t escape me then that a huge part of what makes Zapier so magical are the relationships with their integration partners–right now it’s at over 700 apps! And now as a Marketing Specialist at Zapier, I get to dedicate my time to co-marketing with these awesome partners to help new users find their own moments of magic, powered by automation.

Right around the time I came across Zapier, I became interested in how our workspaces can be designed to accelerate productivity and collaboration. That curiosity led me from research to an ebook to a TEDx talk and then starting the Cayman Island’s first coworking collective, Cowork Cayman. I’m looking forward to seeing how I can adapt this research to working on a fully-distributed team. I’ll keep you posted!

When I’m not uncovering new content and platform and audience opportunities for Zapier and our partners, you can find me fitnessing, eating pizza with my husband, or talking about my nephews.

I’m beyond excited to be building a product limited only by the imaginations of our users. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Marketing has ballooned into a diverse field these days and requires the right melding of skills. Ashley brings a data-driven mindset, copywriting skills, and the pure hustle and desire that makes for a great marketer. It's exciting to have her join Zapier working with our partners to talk about the great ways people are using Zapier.

Ashley Hockney, Marketing Specialist

Ashley Hockney

Hey Zapier readers! My name is Ashley Hockney and I’m joining Zapier as a Marketing Specialist. Previously Head of Content over at Teachable, I first heard about Zapier when researching companies to emulate, so you can imagine just how thrilled I was to join the team.

I live and breathe all things content & marketing. In my previous positions I’ve done everything from rebranding the company, growing the Teachable blog by 1K subscribers each week for over a year, creating online courses, hosting webinars, writing sales copy, and developing social strategy.

I’ve also written tasting notes for a global whisky brand and helped make this video of Nick Offerman/Ron Swanson go viral: